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Mortgage insurance is one of the more misunderstood potential costs associated with obtaining or carrying a mortgage and gaining a better understanding of it could save you money. What is mortgage insurance? Who is it insuring? Simply put, mortgage insurance is insurance that protects your mortgage lender in the event that you default on your […]

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VA Loan Denver

One of the benefits afforded to the men and women of our armed forces is the ability to obtain a VA home loan. VA home loans are mortgages that are guaranteed by the US Government. Depending on the veteran’s eligibility and property characteristics, a veteran is able to purchase their new home with no down […]

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Buying A House Can Save Taxes

What will the metro Denver real estate market and interest rates look like in 2017 and following years? When examining the question of whether to purchase or continue renting you have to consider a number of different variables. It’s not enough to simply look at one variable and make your decision based on that. Home […]

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Buy A Home Do No Rent

It seems like there is always a steady stream of first time buyers looking to get information about buying their first home. They all have different reasons for wanting to buy a home – settling down and starting a family, tired of dealing with a landlord, want to start growing equity in a home that’s […]

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