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Uptown Mortgage and Lana save me and my husband in our home purchase process. We worked with a different mortgage company and they didn’t deliver what they promised us. We fell through financing and had to cancel contract on the house we liked a lot. My husband and I were frustrated until I decided that I would look for a mortgage broker on Yelp. I found Lana and her company, gave her a call, and told her my situation. I explained to Lana why we fell through financing (which I was told because of my employment verification). Lana asked me to send her all the loan documents and the employment verification from my current employer. She said that she needed one day to review and talk to different lenders before she could let me know whether she could obtain a loan for me or not. One hour later, she emailed me and said that she was confident to get me and my husband fully approved. I was in doubt, because I was scared of unrealistic promises. The previous mortgage officer promised us the same thing, and waited until last minute to let us know that he could not help us. He made the case even worse when he told me to wait until next year to be able to purchase a house, because I can never be able to obtain a loan this year. Well, Lana was able to get me approved in two days. It was UNBELIEVABLE. She and her team worked so hard to get me the approval. She emailed me to ask for things at 10:00 at night, so I can tell how hard she was working on my case. Lana is a very hands-on mortgage officer. She takes care of small detailed things and desires high accuracy. The closing cost was way lower than what the previous lender quoted for me and the monthly payment is also lower. Lana checked the number very carefully. She is the mortgage officer you can totally trust. Lana is very busy and sometimes, it’s hard to get a hold of her when she is working. However, the busiest people are the best people in the room. Lana also helped me to communicate with the seller to make sure the closing process take place smoothly. I worked with the other mortgage broker for a month and didn’t get anything while Lana only needed 8 days to get me from initiating paperwork to closing. The seller side even had to say that the loan process was like a miracle, as Lana was able to get things flow so smoothly and quickly. I feel like Lana saved my family in the home purchase process. Without her, we could not own the house we have been dreaming of.

- Jackie M.

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