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Hands down the Best in the Business! Jason K and team went Above-and-Beyond providing paramount customer service to get us our dream home! He was personally present at our closing–Excellent!

Buying a house gets stressful, and I found out first-hand that banks aren’t as transparent or trustworthy as they should be when it comes to the Biggest Financial Decision of Your LIFE.

This is where Jason and Uptown shine.

The first time I called Jason, I told him right off the bat that I wasn’t interested in prequalifying, I just wanted info–I was rate shopping. Not only did he answer all of my questions, transparently, but he even offered to prepare and provide 3 sets of monthly mortgage quotes for me, free of charge, even if I was already leaning towards my credit union for my mortgage. He offered to do this WithOut running my credit! I Did Not receive this offer from other credit union/banks. His honesty and transparency was a unique experience thus far in my mortgage shopping process.

Beyond that Jason discussed changing interest rates, tax implications (credits and deductions) , and even the return-on-investment aspect of owning a house. He gave me over an hour of his time at my insistence (I’m talkative) , and offered to provide itemized quotes for me , for FREE, no strings attached.

I Guarantee you that I did not receive this level of service elsewhere. Not even close. In fact, I called a different company and the broker literally said “Can you prequalify right now? ” I said “no” and he said “I can’t help you until you let me run your credit but call me back in two hours”…. no thanks dude, I’ll call Uptown back instead.

I judged correctly that Uptown was in business to Help me–they wanted my business–so I prequalified through Uptown. Jason continued to be our personal broker, answering calls and emails and doing research while we were at work. Awesome. He provided us very accurate quotes and was willing to discuss anything from interest rate credits to different PMI options, even down-payment assistance programs if necessary.

Yes this guy knows everything.

When he prequalified us, he wrote us a nice letter, and that’s when he signed it as the Owner of Uptown. Nice , we have the owner of a company helping us buy a house!?!

After this two things happened:

1: Even though our original timeframe for house searching was 3-5 months, we found a house in 2 weeks, with a 30 day close…Surprise! we need a ton of money now, Jason, can you do it? Yes, he could.

2: All my downpayment money was locked in illiquid assets. Jason, can you help me figure this out? Yes, he could.

He walked us through all of the steps, providing Easy digital paper work, and he explained All of it.

Finally it was closing day, and he was personally at our closing! The Owner of a mortgage company at our closing! He facilitated our mortgage from womb-to-tomb . He even offered post-purchase support, which I know I can call him at any time with any questions. How’s that for service?

Jason and team provided 100% transparent, customized and personalized solutions and support to help us purchase our first home. All within ~30 days. Wow

I repetitively referred to Jason as my “Ace in the hole”, my secret to assured success. He was the backbone of financial knowledge and confidence we needed to stay the course.

All in all, I cannot speak highly enough of Jason and Uptown Mortgage! They are in a class of their own–Superior. I wholeheartedly recommend Uptown Mortgage, and I will not hesitate to recommend to family and friends (and I already have)!

- Tim E.

Tim E

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