When I go to closing, how do I provide my funds?

Title companies require certified funds and some require a wire if the funds are over a certain amount.

When you obtain certified funds, these can be called a cashier’s check or a certified check. The bank will withdraw these funds immediately from your account and you cannot issue a stop payment on these unless you personally return the check to the bank.

We recommend that you make the check payable to yourself and bring it to closing. The title agent will place an endorsement on the check and you will sign the check over to title.

If you needed to keep the money, you could return to the bank and redeposit the check made payable to yourself.

If you plan on a wire, your loan processor/real estate agent/title agent can provide wire instructions for your bank. Please be aware that many banks require that you come in personally to order a wire. If your bank is out of state, there may be additional steps and time necessary to issue a wire.

I recommend you check on this as soon as possible so you know what your timelines are for getting your funds to closing on time.

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