How do I know which company or loan officer I should go with?

This is the part that many new homebuyers struggle with. Often they will scour the market for the company with the lowest rate. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the company with the lowest cost or the most competent service.So the old adage, “Homebuyers Beware”, applies here. There are many mistakes a loan officer can make along the way that turn that “perfect rate” into a less than ideal scenario.

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make and the loan process is tough enough to navigate even with a seasoned loan officer. When you decide on who you want to go with for your financing, getting a competitive rate should certainly be one of the items on your list, but even more important is getting a competent loan officer that is effective at closing your loan smoothly.

All of the loan officers in our office have over 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry. We would pit our staff and rates against anyone in the industry. Check out our reviews and we think you’ll come to the same conclusion.

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